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My Mission

To provide a warm, caring, respectful, and compassionate therapeutic environment to help you uncover the roots of emotional pain and unlock pathways for joyous, resilient, and meaningful living.

Four words express my core values: kindness, compassion, respect, and understanding. Within this kind of relationship, deep healing naturally unfolds, transforming intergenerational cycles of abuse, neglect, addiction, depression, and anxiety, to make way for fulfilling relationships and greater well-being.

The Foundation of Healthy Relationships

For relationships to flourish and endure—whether they are intimate relationships, marriage, business partnerships, friendships, or parent-child attachment—the building blocks of emotional maturity must be developed in us. Some hallmarks of this maturity are empathy, flexible thinking, resilience under stress, clear-sightedness, and a general sense of well-being.

How can we develop this emotional maturity? As we are learning more about the brain and mind, the research tells us that warm, sustaining relationships lie at the core of our mental, emotional, and even physical health, not only as children, but throughout our lives.

So how can we build such relationships? The answer starts within us. Current research also tells us that we draw others into our lives based not only on conscious attraction, but according to the patterns of relationship we learned and experienced as very young children. The best news is that these ways of relating, no matter how hurtful and damaging, can change in the context of a therapeutic relationship that is both warm and understanding. Together, we can develop new internal blueprints that will guide your steps toward attracting and sustaining healthy and fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life.

How we will work together

We will explore your family history to uncover patterns learned early in life.

On the twin foundations of the most current neurobiological research and our caring relationship, we will work together with precision to change deep relational models rooted in abuse, neglect, or other emotional pain.

We will make use of the latest research regarding the power of mindful awareness to strengthen these new models.

Current Workshops

The Heart of Trauma: Healing Our Embodied Brains in the Context of Relationships

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